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The conspiracy of the righteous the silence of the village of Prelenfray-du-Guâ

The conspiracy of the righteous the silence of the village of Prelenfray-du-Guâ

Saved Jewish children and adults in 1944.

the Bulletin of the Historical Society of the county of Vif, in the Isère departement of France, in which Prélenfrey is located, has published a major feature, the conclusion of which deserves to be cited :
" In Prélenfrey all knew, all kept mum. We salute the Righteous of Prélenfrey who throughout the sad period of our dark years saved our honor as Frenchmen."
A single anonymous letter would have been sufficient to betray the refugees. That was what had caused the tragedy at Izieu.
In Prélenfrey, not only was there no betrayal, but there were thirty-two men, lined up facing a wall, threatened with execution, transferred to Gestapo and French fascist headquarters in Grenoble for "interrogation", who stubbornly kept mum about the numerous Jews, many children among them, hiding in the tiny village.
Their silence was to last for fifty years and explains why no one in France, or in the world, had heard of the unbelievable courage of an obscure village in the Vercors Mountains of south-eastern France.


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Imprimé en 1995
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Paru en 1995
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